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Custom scenic fabrication is a cornerstone for Gist Specialties. Over the years we have provided many scenic solutions for music festivals, restaurants, casinos, hotels and conventions. We partner and work directly with leading contractors on projects big and small. Gist Specialties prides itself on being a one-stop-shop for your scenic needs. We are able to work with many different types of mediums including steel, aluminum, iron, wood, fiberglass, concrete, grg, gfrc and more. Our fiberglass department is also able to create molds to minimize reproduction costs on large fabrication quantities. The fabrication shop includes many different types of machines to drive down the costs of your custom project.

We are able to produce and deliver products worldwide. Our warehouse is based out of Las Vegas, Nevada. Call or email us today to plan your next project.


Also known as stage production, scenic design is as much of an art as it is a science. Our team of creatives and engineers work together to create a statement that is both stunning and thought out. Is your production mobile? Do you have tight windows to strike and set your stage? All of these factors and more are considered when we work together to create your next masterpiece.