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Custom Fiberglass Fabricators – Las Vegas, Nevada

Gist Specialties utilizes fiberglass and other composite materials to create custom works of art. Our expert fiberglass technicians and skilled sculptors are able to create a wide range objects with varying shapes, sizes, colors and finishes. When objects become too large to support themselves, we utilize our in house metal shop to create aluminum support structures both inside and out. Applications that our fiberglass products are used for include trade show/exhibit scenic props, permanent  or temporary scenic installations, casino decor, restaurant accent pieces or indoor/outdoor music events. Our capabilities also include molding to increase reproduction turn around while driving the cost down for our clients. After the products cure they move on to our finishing department where they can receive anything from a primed finish to a high gloss automotive to a gold flake. We start with a basic idea. Then we apply our knowledge of fiberglass and composite material. You can see for yourself that the end results speak for themselves. Do you have questions about our process or are you looking to start your next creation? Contact us today to get your free quote or head on over to our projects page to check out some of our work.